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Book of Hours by a Gold Scrolls Painter In Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment, Southern Netherlands, Bruges, c. 1450
Book of Hours (Use of Paris) probably Paris, c. 1510. 13 full-page miniatures, 15 small miniatures, and 24 small calendar miniatures close to the style associated with Jean Pichore and his workshop
Schembart (“hiding beard”) Carnival Book In German, illuminated manuscript on paper. Germany, likely Nuremberg, c. 1550-1600. 64 drawings, 22 additional pen and ink drawings.
Histoire Ancienne jusqu’à César and Fait des Romains with 78 miniatures by the Master of the Coronation of Charles VI and a collaborator, France, Paris, c. 1370-80
The Harcourt Bible Vulgate Bible, Volume I, Genesis-Proverbs. In Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment. Northern France, Paris, c. 1260-1280